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Monogram 1/48th Lunar Module

by David Weeks

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The model depicts LM-5 “Eagle”, from the Apollo 11 mission. The two crewmen were modified out of the kit.

A. Ascent Stage

1. Re-configured the lower portions of the Fuel and Oxidizer panels.
2. Opened the forward hatch.
3. Scratch-built all antennas and the docking target.
4. Used several kinds of foil to cover the stage, including Black Wrap, Chewy Granola Bar wrapping and aluminum Mylar strips.
5. Scratch-built the interior.

B. Descent Stage

1. Scratch-built the Modular Equipment Storage Assembly (MESA). Cut-out the area for the MESA in Sector 4.
2. Re-built the Early Apollo Surface Experiments Package (EASEP) storage area in Sector 2.
3. Re-configured the four outriggers above each Landing Gear Assembly, added the Spacecraft/Lunar Module (SLA) attachment fittings, rebuilt the landing gear up-lock fittings.
4. Foiled the stage with Black Wrap, Orange/gold Mylar, several different shades of gold colored aluminum foil and aluminum Mylar strips.

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