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The IPMS San Diego met on September 24 at the Veterans Memorial Center & Museum in San Diego. Candice Hooper of the Coronado Library came to remind us of the Navy Centennial celebration coming up in January 2011. Quite a number of models were on display for show-n-tell.
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The members enjoyed meeting in a new room.
Treasurer Gary Williams made his monthly financial report. Secretary Joel Hendricks talked about the facilities turn around.
President Tony Bunch talked about l'Arsenal. Coronado Library's Candice Hooper gave the Navy Centennial schedule which will go on throughout 2011. Dan Covey reminded everyone of the up-coming Winterfest.
Models on display for sow-n-tell. Syd accompanied dad to make a surprise appearance. Gary Williams brought his beautifully finished F-8 Crusader.
Gary's F-8 shows a lot of detail, one of the advantages of 1/32 scale models.
Gary also brought a still-in-the-box Boing F4B-4, a plane flown by the Navy between 1929 and 1934, that he intends to build for the Coronado Library's Navy Centennial. Jose Gonzales brought two 1/48 Accurate Miniatures Aerocobras in two different versions. This is the combat version of the Aerocobra.
Nice inner detailing, both in the cockpit and in the gun/ammunition area. The other version is a racer, beautifully finished and detailed.
Marty Horvath brought a 1/72 Bf 109 in a 1944 France paint scheme, and a OS2U-3 Kingfisher that he considers more like a toy than a model, but says that he's having fun building it.
Rex McCoy brought a Hasegawa 1/48 A-7 Corsair II. Rex did some research to find the wing that attacked a location in Vietnam where he was present. He found the unit and contacted one of the members. The A-7 Corsair has been finished in the colors and markings of the plane of one of the pilots with whom he's been in contact.
Mike O'Leary brought a 1/32 I-16 "Rata" and a 1/32 Bf109 G-4, both in a very early stage of construction
Another 1/32 aircraft from Mike, this one in finished condition, a KI-43 Oscar in a paint scheme of an airplane that was abandoned after the war and is feeling the effects of weather and cannibalism. Mike explains how a model should be transported...
...as the Oscar's landing gear broke in the transit. Another model from Mike, a 120mm Hunchback of Noter Dame, complete with ropes and shackles.
David Weeks showed two 1/48 scale aircraft in early construction stages, a Eduard's Profipack Bell X-1 and a Hasegawa Zero Type 52-C.
Richard Abraham brought a Mig 17 PF carrying Indonesian markings. This Wright Cyclone star engine was brought by Jerry McCauliff.
Jerry also recounted his trip to the beaches of Normandie, a commemoration of the US troops activities during WWII, and brought photos of an International Space Station model that he has been commissioned to restore.
David Nielsen brought his work-in-progress Dragon 1/350 USS Gearing.
Robert brought two 1/700 scale ships, the USS Alabama by Hasegawa and the USS San Diego by Skyway. The USS San Diego kit is inaccurate so Robert is in the process of replacing many of the parts. It will be essentially a 'scratch-built' ship with a kit hull when he's done. Rich Durham has started work on a Tamiya 1/700 scale USS Missouri.
The finished USS Missouri will have an attractive "Atlantic" camouflage paint scheme. Dan King brought a highly modified Dusemberg Town Car, made from a 1/24 scale Monogram kit.
The Dusemberg features a lowered body, modified frame, supercharged straight eight, and an exhaust made from a Cross pen body. The trunk is covered with a thin, real leather and PE details. Dan also explained how the San Diego Car Club and the Las Vegas Car Club have a competition in which both clubs will build a number of identical 3-in-1 Ford T kits and each club will judge the other's models. San Diego's models and PPT presentation of the LV models to be presented at the November meeting.
Jerry Jackson brought his 1/700 HMS Bider (foreground, right) with a modified paint color, but he's still not satisfied with the result.
He also brought a rebuilt Rio Grande caboose. Many of the small parts have been replaced and the paint completely redone.
Thanks to all who participated in this meeting and made it a very interesting event!

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