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Note: If one of your models won an award in the 2011 Annual Contest, please check that the photo shown for your model is correct. Report any discrepancy to webmaster@ipmssd.org
1. Juniors: 17 & under, All Scales & types
1st Place William Clubreth WWI Battle of the Sommes
2a. Aircraft: Prop - Radial - 1/72 & Smaller
1st Place
Jim Stute F4-F Wildcat
2nd Place Mark Marez Ki 27
3rd Place Carlos Gonzalez F4U-4B
2b. Aircraft: Prop - In-Line - 1/72 & Smaller
1st Place Rian Jones Bf109G-6
2nd Place Scott Blue Bf109
3rd Place Alexandre Bigey Tipsy S-2
3. Aircraft: Jet - 1/72 & Smaller
1st Place Jim Stute F/A-18D Hornet
2nd Place Mark Marez F-5B USAF
3rd Place Jim Frye F-86 Sabre
4a. Aircraft: Prop - Radial - 1/71 to 1/33
1st Place Joe Lomusio Siemens-Schuckert D III
2nd Place Dave Conner A6M5 Zero
3rd Place Rian Jones A6M3 Zero
4b. Aircraft: Prop - In line - 1/71 to 1/33
1st Place Jose Gonzalez P-39Q Cobra II Racer
2nd Place Rian Jones TA152H-0
3rd Place Leo Asman Typhoon
5. Aircraft: Jet - 1/71 to 1/33
1st Place Jose Gonzalez F-5E
2nd Place Don Hayes F-16
3rd Place Jim Frye F-117
6. Aircraft: Prop - 1/32 & Larger
1st Place Mark Glidden Spitfire MK XVIe
2nd Place Jim Frye P-47D
3rd Place Brian Casteel Spitfire MK IXc
7. Aircraft: Jet - 1/32 & Larger
1st Place Dany Galgani F/A-18B
2nd Place Mark Stubblefield F-15C
3rd Place Gary Williams F-8E Crusader
8. Helicopters: All Scales & Types
1st Place Don hayes Hughes 500D
2nd Place Carlos Gonzalez Ni-28 'Havoc"
3rd Place Dave Conner UH-34 Seahorse
9a. Military Vehicles - Armor: Tracked - 1/72 & smaller
1st Place Mike Budzeika Panzer IV F-1
2nd Place Jim Stute Mk IV Male
3rd Place Jerry Jackson Tiger I (Late)
9b. Military Vehicles - Armor: Wheeled - 1/72 & smaller
1st Place Leigh Eaton L. R. D. G. Jeep
2nd Place Phil Garn Fennek Light Armored Recon Vehicle
10. Military Vehicles - Armor: 1/48
1st Place Jim Frye Marder III
2nd Place Kevin Hermstad KV-II (Captured)
3rd Place Mark Glidden Stug III G
11a. Military Vehicles - Armor: Fully Tracked - 1/47 & Larger (Axis)
1st Place Leigh Eaton Jagdpanzer IV
2nd Place Joe Lomusio Grille Ausf "M"
3rd Place John Brubaker King Tiger
11b. Military Vehicles - Armor: Fully Tracked - 1/47 & Larger (Allied)
1st Place Leigh Eaton Achilles
2nd Place Jim Wechsler M-10 Tank Destroyer
3rd Place John Brubaker Matilda III/IV
12. Military Vehicles - Armor: Wheeled, Semi-Tracked - 1/47 & Larger
1st Place Jim Wechsler FAMO 88
2nd Place Stan Spooner Laffley 80AM
3rd Place John Brubaker Puma 234/2
13. Military Vehicles - Soft Skin - 1/47 & Larger
1st Place Jim Wechsler Coyote TSV
2nd Place Leigh Eaton WC 57 "Peep"
3rd Place Jim Frye Kubelwagen
14. Dioramas: Small Composition, 4 Figures or Less
1st Place Jim Stute "Das Reich Kharkov 1943"
2nd Place John Brubaker "Over the Top"
3rd Place Luis Felix GMC 6x6 Truck
15. Dioramas: Large Composition, 5 Figures or More
1st Place Julio Vargas "Day-D + 1"
2nd Place Phil Garn "Body Snatch Seal Team One"
3rd Place Brent Petty "Belgium Underground"
16. Ships: 1/451 & Smaller
1st Place Jerry Jackson HMS Biter
2nd Place Scott Blue IJN I-400
3rd Place Jim Stute USS Monadnock Ironclad
17a - Ships: Subs - 1/450 & Larger
1st Place Jim Stute U-5329 Seehund
2nd Place Fritz Ochs Plan Type 091 Han Class SSN
3rd Place Rian Jones U-Boat IX-B
17b - Ships: Other - 1/450 & Larger
1st Place Mark Glidden IJN Akagi
2nd Place David Nielsen USS Gearing
3rd Place Jim Stute CSS Palmeto State
18. Ships: Sailing Ships
1st Place Niels Wilhelm Napoleon
2nd Place Rex McCoy USS United States 44-Gun Frigate
3rd Place Michael Apodaca Walt Disney's Peter Pan Pirate Ship
19. Figures: 54 mm & Smaller
1st Place Jim Stute 2nd Prussian Hussars
2nd Place Jim Wechsler EOD Bomb Squad
3rd Place Ethan Idenmill Pirate
20. Figures: 55 mm & Larger
1st Place Jim Stute Centurion
2nd Place John Brubaker 14th Century Teutonic Knight
3rd Place Leigh Eaton US 101st Airborne Paratrooper
21. Figures: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
1st Place Robert James "Martian" from War of the Worlds
2nd Place Ethan Idenmill Warmachine Cygnar Lancer
3rd Place Geno Mendez The Beast
22. Sci-Fi & Real Space
1st Place Jim Wechsler Hellcat Mk 49B
No Photo!
2nd Place David Frederick Star Wars' Tie Fighter
3rd Place Olivier Galgani "Retro-Future" Pontiac StarChaser at Cloud 9 Diner
23. Miscellaneous: All Scales & Types
1st Place Richie Scanapico BR 52 German Heavy Locomotive
2nd Place Joe Lomusio WMDs of WWI
3rd Place Brent Petty Cannon
24. Out of the Box: Non Automotive
1st Place Brian Casteel Fairey Swordfish Mk I
2nd Place Sean Sakai Panzer II F
3rd Place Jim Wechsler Elephant
25. Automotive: Production / Replica
1st Place Olivier Galgani The Road Warrior's Interceptor
2nd Place Anthony Rios 1966 Impala
3rd Place Brent Petty "Surfer Girl" Karman Ghia
26. Automotive: Street Rod / Hot Rod & Street Machine
1st Place Al Camacho 1964 Chevy Impala SS
2nd Place Glenn Day 1966 Chevy Nova Pro Street
3rd Place Florian Dylinski 1932 Ford Sedan "Purple People Eater"
27. Automotive: Custom
1st Place Olivier Galgani "Gone Mad" Custom Nomad Pickup
2nd Place Anthony Rios 1950 Ford Shoebox
3rd Place Glenn Day 1949 Mercury
28. Automotive: Competition - Non Drag Racing
1st Place Dany Galgani 1966 Forg GT40 Mk II
2nd Place Melvin Hawkinson 1955 Chevy Stock Car
3rd Place Jim Frye Nissan GT-R "Xanavi"
29. Automotive: Competition - Drag Racing
1st Place Glenn Day 1964 Dodge 330 Sedan
2nd Place Don Hayes Junior Fuel Dragster
3rd Place Jim Frye Exide Top Fuel Dragster
30. Automotive: Large Scale
1st Place Michael Apodaca Ferrari 512 BB
2nd Place Santiago Hernandez 1965 Mustang Surf Wagon
3rd Place Leslie Lenci Peterbuilt 359
31. Automotive: Juniors
1st Place Nataly Hernandez "Pink Lady" 1932 Coupe
2nd Place Kelee Rotun Chevy HHR
3rd Place Isabel Madera 1937 Ford Sedan
32. Automotive: Low Riders
1st Place Al Camacho 1970 Buick Wildcat
2nd Place Roger Chavez 1941 Chevy Pickup
3rd Place Anthony Rios 1962 Impala Convertible
33. Automotive: Motorcycles
1st Place Steve Taylor RC166 Honda Racer
2nd Place John Oszatca 1942 Army Harley Davidson
3rd Place Richard Malone Yamaha YZR-M1 "Rossi" #46
34. Automotive: Out of the Box
1st Place Richard Malone Merceds-Benz CLK DTM 2000
2nd Place Jeff Wallen Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM Original-Teile
3rd Place Roger Chavez 2010 Camaro
Special Awards
Best Aircraft Mark Glidden Spitfire Mk XVIe
Automotive - Best Finish Al Camacho 2006 Concept Camaro
Automotive - Best Interior Anthony Rios 1966 Chevy Impala
Best Automotive Dany Galgani 1066 Ford GT40 Mk II
Best Diorama Julio Vargas "D-Day + 1"
Best Figure
Jim Stute 2nd Prussian Hussars
Best Military Vehicle Jim Wechsler FAMO 88
Best Ship Mark Glidden IJN Akagi
Best Tamiya Model Mark Glidden Spitfire Mk XVIe
Contest Theme Award - 100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation Dany Galgani F/A-18B
Contest Theme Award - 100th Anniversary of the Indianapolis 500 Melvin Hawkinson Lotus Indy
Best of Show - Judge's Grand Prize Jim Wechsler FAMO 88
Thanks to all who participated in this years show!

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