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The IPMS San Diego met on July 26 at the Girl Scout Center, located 1231 Upas St. in San Diego.
BBQ night and the 3rd Quarterly Contest of the year brought a good number of members. The facilities offer not only great meeting rooms but also a perfect setting for outdoors events, enjoyed by every one.

Our thanks to Gary Williams for organizing a great event and to Rich Durham and Bob Ekstrom who masterly handled the cooking duties.
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The Meeting

President Rex McCoy conducted the meeting in the attire that he wore for the "Picnic with a Pilot" event at the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum earlier in the month.
One of the meeting topics was the vote for the new club logo, presented in configurations that would vary with its use. A show-of-hands vote showed that a great majority of the members approved its implementation.

Rex had also brought a painting by famous maritime artist Richard de Rosset of the USS Berkley on which Rex served during the Vietnam war. Rex plans to get prints of the art piece made for his fellow crewmen.

Quarterly Contest Results

Nine models were entered in the Third Quarterly Contest. Lead Judge Jerry Jackson divided them into three categories, Junior, Armor and Miscellaneous. Remarkably, all nine entries won an award.


First Place: Annalysa Walker - 1/72 Scale Dauntless
Second Place: Luis Gonzalez - 1/24 Scale Army Soldier

Third Place: Kayla Walker - 1/72 Scale FW190


First Place: Ethan Idenmill - 1/72 Scale ARVN M113, Saigon 1963

Second Place: Daniel Covey - 1/72 Scale Mortar Team

Third Place: Eugene Watts - 1/35 Scale M4A3 Sherman


First Place: Jose Gonzalez- 1/72 Scale DH88

Second Place: Burt Crismore - 1/87 Scale Depressed Center Flat Car with Load

Third Place: Jose Gonzalez - 1/72 Scale F2A2 Buffalo

Best of Show - Popular Vote

Jose Gonzalez - 1/72 Scale DH88

Show 'n Tell

A few models in various stages of construction, some even still in the box.

Richard Abraham has built a Monogram 1/48 scale Cessna A-37 Dragonfly. True to his ritual,
Richard finished A-37 in the colors of a foreign country, this time those of the Chilean Air Force.

Richard also brought a brand new kit, a Trumpeter 1/48 scale A-3D-2 Skywarrior. Unavailability
of American decals might break Richard's habit and force him to finish the aircraft in US colors.

Tony Beres is working on an Eduard 1/48 scale Bf-110 C
molded in plastic of the exact color for this aircraft.

Jerry Jackson has completed the Trumpeter 1/48 scale RA-5 C Vigilante that he started last month. This is a commissioned work that Jerry will not enter in any competition.

Rex McCoy has acquired an Academy 1/48 scale F-4 B, still in the box.

Robert Curtin and son Zack are working on several father-&-son projects.

Below: two Skywave 1/700 scale LSTs (Landing Ship, Tank)
Bottom left: a Skywave 1/700 scale CL53 USS San Diego

Bottom right: a DML 1/144 scale FA-18 D

Our thanks to all who participated!

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