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The IPMS San Diego met on July 27 at the Veterans Memorial Center & Museum in San Diego. It was our annual BBQ night, which is always a success.

It was also time for our third quarterly contest of the year which saw a record number of entries - twenty-five! - brought by thirteen modelers, enough for lead judge Jerry Jackson (right) to split the models into five categories.

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Contest Results

Category Aircraft - 1/72 Scale

1st place
Daniel Covey
MB 326
2nd place
Fred Fimbres

3rd place
Jose Gonzalez
Equador StrikeMaster

Category Aircraft - 1/48 Scale

1st place
Charles Sickels
A-4 E Skyhawk
2nd place
Gary Williams
Mitsubishi Type 21 Zero

3rd place
Jose Gonzalez
Argentine Super Etendard

Category Figures - All Scales

1st place
Tim Latham
German Soldier
1/35 Dragon
2nd place
Italian Pikeman
Aaron Lovejoy
54mm Verlinden

3rd place
Robert James
Pirate Skeleton
1/16 MPC (Disney)

Category Dioramas - All Scales

1st place
Tim Latham
Spoils of War
1/35 Tamiya Marder III
and Verlinden Figure
2nd place
Bob Ekstrom
Italian Mini Sub
1/35 Italeri

Category Armor - All Scales

1st place
Ethan Idenmill
1/72 Italeri

2nd place

Jose Gonzalez
Korean War M-26
1/35 Tamiya

Best of Show - Popular Vote

Tim Latham
Spoils of War
1/35 Tamiya Marder III
and Verlinden Figure

Other Photos of the Contest Entries

Close-up views of Charles Sickels' A-4 E Skyhawk

Close-up views of Gary Williams' Zero

Dan Swiersz' North American F-108 A Rapier, a 1/48 Collect-Aire's model

Richard Abraham's 1/48 Rodan OV-1D

Daniel Covey's F-86 F Sabre, a 1/72 HobbyCraft model

Gary Williams' 1/48 Grumman TBF-1 Avenger by Accurate Miniatures

Fred Fimbres' 1/72 Tamiya Me-109

Jose Gonzalez' 1/72 Revell Fokker E III

Daniel Covey's 1/72 F-94 Starfire by Emhar (left) and Rolland by Airfix (right)

Gary Williams' 1/48 Nakajima Type 97 Kate
by Hasegawa

Daniel Covey's 1/72 Nieuport 28C
by Revell

Bob Ekstrom 1/35 Italeri Italian Mini Sub, with scratch-built wooden deck.

Tim Latham's 1/35 Dragon German Soldier (left) and "Spoils of War", a 1/35 Tamiya Marder III

Another creation from Tim, a 1/35 G.I. by Verlinden

Ethan Idenmill's 14th Century Italian Pikeman, a 54mm Verlinden figure

Show 'n Tell

Aaron Lovejoy brought two figures, a 28 mm
"Pirate Sophie" from Reaper Miniatures (above)
and a 54mm Knight of the Golden Fleece
Guillaume de Vienne from Pegaso (right).
Aaron used acrylic paints for both subjects.

Robert James brought a set of Bandai Gundam
Weatherman Jerry Jackson is working on a couple of locomotives.

Tim Latham brought the small diorama that he
showed last month featuring a 1/35 German
tank and soldier (top left) but in a much more
completed state. Tim also started working on a
North Africa WWII scene (top right) which will
include the figures above.
Marion Canizaro brought his 1/24 Tamiya Ford Escort WRC in a more advanced state than it was a couple of months ago. Lots of small decals and different colors make for a very realistic model.

Rex McCoy is building a 1949 Ford, a 1/24 AMT
kit, making it the coupe version that was his
family's car in the '50s.

Joel Hendricks has applied some silver paint to
areas that he had re-scribed on his Polar Lights
teranodon. Joel plans on getting painting
coaching from artist Tim Latham to finish the model.

Our thanks to all who participated!

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