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The third IPMS San Diego quarterly contest of 2011 was held on Friday July 29, at the Veterans Memorial Center
& Museum in San Diego. There was a good number of entries (16) that the judges decided to split into three
categories: Wheeled Stuff, Aircraft - Pre-1950 , and Aircraft - Post-1950 .
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Wheeled Stuff - All Types & Scales
1st Place Ethan Idenmill M-3 Stuart Tank
2nd Place Dan King Batmobile
3rd Place Rex McCoy A Belgiun Street 1940-1944 - Panzer IV and Sherman Tanks
Aircraft: Pre-1950 - All Types & Scales
1st Place Jose Gonzalez Russian Salamander
2nd Place Jose Gonzalez PV-1 Ventura
3rd Place Jose Gonzalez Japanese Oscar
Aircraft: Post-1950 - All Types & Scales
1st Place Dan Covey XFY Pogo
2nd Place Dan Covey Seahorse Helicopter
3rd Place Dan Covey Fouga Magister
Other Entries & Close Up Shots
Thanks to all who participated in the contest!

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