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The IPMS San Diego met on February 25 at the Veterans Memorial Center & Museum in San Diego. As for the past few months,
the meeting saw a substantial number of models brought for Show 'n Tell, in all kind of types.
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Quite a few models in various stages of
completion were brought for show-n-tell.
Sid came along with Dad, but her own
Robert James brought three Sci-Fi models.
Robert's Star Wars Hover Tank and AT-TE Walker, and Real Grade's Gundam.
Jerry Jackson brought in work-in-progress L'Arsenal 1/700 HMS Biter.
Jerry also brought an older model of a 3-mast
steam boat. The sails are made of paper, curved
around a round object.
Jerry's Dragon 1/35 E100 Heavy Tank was also on display.
Ethan Idenmill is the latest of the ship-going
modelers, this one being a 1/700 scale USS
Not quite finished, but looking good already.
Robert Curtin brought his finished Hasegawa 1/700 USS Alabama and his Skyways USS San Diego, in the
same scale.
Great detail can be seen on Robert's USS Alabama.
Another 1/700 USS San Diego , this one scratch-
built by Mike Potter.
Eugene Watts brought his almost-finished Skyways 1/700 scale Perry class cruiser.
Dan Covey brought some documentation to accompany his 1/700 scale IJN Tenryu light cruiser.
Richard Abraham showed his finished SU-24.
Richard's Trumpeter 1/48 scale Sukhoi SU-24 bears Ukrainian Air Force markings. First time for Richard to build an aircraft with an
open canopy, which shows the nice cockpit detail.
President Tony Bunch brought his work-in-progress 1/72 scale Curtiss SOC Seagull seaplane.
Tim Latham is working on a new diorama featuring a 1/35 scale King Tiger.
Mike O'Leary had two armor vehicles, a Emhar MkA Whippet WWI British medium tank and a Tamiya SU-85 Russian tank destroyer, both in 1/35 scale
Kelvin Branden had a 1/35 scale LAV C-2 that is ready for paint. He also brought two model kits from the series Battlestar Galactica, one of the Galactica
BS75 in 1/4100 scale and one of the Colonial Viper MkII in 1/32 scale, both from Moebius Models.
Thanks to all who participated in this meeting and made it a very interesting event!

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